Understanding Speech

AULINThe Interdisciplinary AULIN Project

On these pages you will find information about our research project (funded by the DFG German Research Foundation). AULIN is an interdisciplinary cooperation of AUdiologists and PsychoLINguists.

Part I
Understanding speech under fluctuating noise in children and adults from an audiological and psycholinguistic viewpoint

The first part of this project started in October 2007 and ended in February 2011. For a short summary of our goals and methods please refer to the project description.

  • The OLACS corpus of sentences and pictures was developed as part of this project, for more information please refer to this short description.

Part II
Speech perception and speech processing in acoustically adverse conditions from an AUdiolical and psychoLINguistic viewpoint

The second part of the project started in May 2011 (until 2014). The new focus is on timing issues related to speech perception and production, as well as the role of the individual cognitive differences and processes involved. Having established baseline criteria for normally hearing young adults and in acoustically 'easy' (i.e., silence) conditions, we can now also focus more on specific populations such as older and hearing impaired adults, as well as children.